Windows port of the UAE Amiga Emulator
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Wanted: Hardware and documention. (15.02.2009)

Hardware and documentation wanted


- tablet.library documentation. Used by Deluxe Paint for tablet pressure support.
- Bus Stop freezer cartridge or ROM dump.

WinUAE 2.9.0 WIP #1 (06.10.2014)

Estimated release date: December 2014.

New features:

- CyberStorm PPC and Blizzard PPC board emulation, uses QEMU PPC CPU
- CD32 Full Motion Video cartridge emulation. (For example Cannon
  Fodder CD32 intro movie and standard VCDs are supported)
- Popular accelerator boards emulated (Blizzards, CyberStorms, Warp
  Engine, TekMagic, A2630), including on-board SCSI if available.
- More SCSI expansion boards emulated (Fastlane, Oktagon, Blizzard Kit IV)
- Multiple SCSI controllers can be active simultaneously.
- A590 XT hard drive emulation.
- Show on screen message when disk or CD is inserted or ejected or input
  device is autoswitched.
- Added null serial port mode that connects two WinUAE instances running
  on same PC.
- Fastest possible CPU speed mode is now available with cycle-exact mode.
- Immediate blitter is available in cycle-exact modes.
- 68040/060 with more compatible emulates instruction cache, MMU supported.
- 68000/68010 + 32-bit address space is supported.
- Optionally game controllers can be kept active when WinUAE does not have
- Implemented secondary Z2 RAM board, for example 6M Z2 RAM + 2M Z2 RTG board
  combination is now possible.
- Added "history" menu to filesystem, hardfile and tape path selection.


- Programmed chipset display modes accurate improved.
- Uncompressed CHD harddrive image write support.
- Implemented previously unavailable small Z2 RAM board sizes (64k to 512k)
- Z3 boards automatically use original address space if JIT direct is not
  enabled or with JIT direct if host has enough address space (64-bit Windows)

Bugs fixed:

- 68060 with "Unimplemented CPU emu" checkbox ticked: 68060 only unimplemented
  instructions were not emulated normally.
- Screenshot with D3D shader filter enabled always took filtered screenshot.
- SCSI CD READ CD command only worked with audio tracks if track was number 1.
- Hard reset didn't reset map rom loaded KS ROM data.
- AGA sprites in borders were clipped incorrectly in some situations (2.8.0)
- Autofire always on mode crashed.

WinUAE 2.8.1 (18.06.2014)

2.8.0 bugs fixed:

- JIT on/off on the fly switching was unreliable.
- A500 reading write-only/non-existing registers method introduced in 2.8.0
  was incorrectly also used in AGA modes.


- Fast CPU mode audio DMA wait hack compatibility improved (workaround for
  programs that use CPU delay loops in audio code)
- Some chipset emulation updates, Critical Mass / Parallax finally works.
- AROS ROM updated.

New features:

- Directory filesystem MorphOS compatible >4G file size DOS packet support.
- Paths panel relative path mode now supports relative paths that point
  outside of winuae root directory.

Bug fixes:

- Filter modes in DirectDraw crashed in some situations.
- Disk insert using GUI after emulation was started inserted disk in
  write protected state.
- Quickstart disk eject button was unreliable.
- Video recording with "Capture before filtering" unticked used wrong
  video size.
- "Toggle between mouse grabbed and un-grabbed" input event fixed.

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