WinUAE 5.2.0

New features/updates:

  • MacroSystem DraCo emulation. Full emulation except V-Lab Motion video board which is totally undocumented. Amiga clone without Amiga custom chips.
  • Picmatic Marbella Vice light gun laser disc arcade game is now fully working.
  • American Laser Games and PicMatic statefile support.
  • Genlock emulation display positioning/scaling updates.
  • Retina Z2 and Z3/Altais RTG board emulation. (NCR 77C22E+ and 77C32BLT SVGA chips)
  • S3 Trio64 PCI RTG board.
  • On screen led font is now configurable, settings in GUI Miscellaneous panel.
  • A2410 updates (Latest Picasso96 driver with DMA mode enabled graphics corruption)
  • All emulated RTG boards now autoswitch (Automatic switch between chipset mode and RTG mode). Previously only RTG boards that have built-in switcher and PCI RTG boards autoswitched.
  • Do not emulate special cases in native chipset screen mode last and first line(s) unless Overscan mode is Overscan+ or higher. (For example OCS Denise top and bottom line mismatched blanking start and end)
  • NTSC mode screen vertical positioning improved.
  • Disk swapper insert/remove cursor position now works as expected. Same image can be inserted in multiple slots.

5.1.0 Bugs fixes

  • Fast 68020+ mode interrupt timing fix. (Some games hung or had missing or badly playing sound)
  • Copper timing was unreliable in non-CE modes (Mainly affected horizontally multiplexed sprites)
  • Dark mode was not initialized if config file was started directly (for example from command line), without opening GUI. Some sub-dialogs didn’t support dark mode.
  • Zero length disk DMA with enabled disk word sync never finished (some copy protections failed to work).
  • Game Ports panel default config overrode button 4 with on screen keyboard enable/disable option even if it was already configured in Input panel.

Older bug fixes

  • Any TV overscan option + NTSC mode: few pixel grapohics corruption was visible in right edge of screen.
  • Many hardware emulated RTG boards had problems with horizontal panning.
  • 68040 MMU emulation fix. (MOVEM restart didn’t work correctly in all situations and MOVES 68040-only special case bus fault behavior was wrong)
  • CyberVision 64/3D and Picasso IV overlay fixes. P96PipDemo is now working correctly.
  • Ateo Pixel 64 had BGR/RGB swapped colors in most color depths.
  • UAE AHI ignored AHI volume slider setting.
  • Fixed mouse cursor jumping randomly when in tablet mode and clicking mouse button(s).
  • Game Ports panel input device type getting stuck or entering Test/Remap window crashing in some situations.
  • Some config file and registry/ini paths were always written in absolute format even if WinUAE was configured to relative path mode.
  • “AVI output enabled” (and few similar on/off buttons) button type changed, previously they worked unexpectedly in some situations, visible state was not always matching internal state.
  • Some sub dialogs (for example Gameports input mapping autofire) had old style and no high DPI support.
  • 256 color screenshot mode created wrong colors in some situations, usually when AGA and almost all palette entries were allocated.
  • Changing some native display settings (Filter/Display panel) settings didn’t reset all required display parameters until full display reset (for example window was resized)

WinUAE 5.1.0

New features/updates: UI

  • On screen keyboard. Default mapped to pad button 4.
  • Gamepad GUI control. Use game pad to control WinUAE GUI with some limits.
  • Optional dark mode (Windows 10 or newer required)
  • Emulation window dragging and resize does not anymore pause emulation.

New features/updates: emulation

  • Built-in Munt MT-32/CM-32L emulation. Emulated devices listed in MIDI out setting. ROM images should be in <WinUAE rom path>\mt32-roms. or c:\mt32-rom-data\.
  • AT&T DSP3210 emulation (AA3000 prototype). Not complete.
  • More programmed chipset screen mode emulation improvements.
  • Disk emulation improved, undocumented disk read DMA “last word may not come in” bug emulated.
  • Chipset emulation updates and fixes.
  • “Autoclip screenshots” option now supports programmed native screen modes.
  • Native<>RTG and RTG<>RTG mode switching optimizations.
  • A2410 display card emulation updates, works now with new Picasso96 driver.
  • Input panel Backslash/F11 option now has third option that restores pre-5.0 keymap behavior.
  • Do not list GPT partitioned harddrives in “Add Harddrives” panel.
  • Football Director 2 dongle emulation.
  • Quickstart Host Configuration menu first option renamed, “Default configuration” -> “Current host configuration”. Added new option “Default host configuration” that resets host configuration to defaults.
  • Hard reset now randomizes CPU reset start up delay and initial floppy motor position.

Bugs fixes

  • DMS brute force decryption failed to work with some encrypted DMS files.
  • Alt-Tab from D3D11 fullscreen RTG mode made hardware mouse cursor invisible.
  • Some configurations crashed when GUI Reset or Restart button was clicked.
  • Enter GUI, eject disk, insert new disk, exit GUI: Disk was inserted immediately which is physically impossible and can confuse programs. Inserting disk without manually ejecting it first worked correctly.
  • GUI Restart button didn’t fully restore GUI position/size if “Restarting” from fullscreen or full-window mode.
  • Some configs crashed when GUI Restart button or Reset was pressed.
  • WASAPI sound was disabled if sound driver only supported 8 channel audio.
  • Some configurations opened multiple tiny inactive multi-monitor mode emulation windows without enabled multiple monitors.
  • Workbench programmed screen mode (DBLPAL etc) positioning was not always correct when switching from other native mode.
  • None serial port emulation mode and fast CPU configuration: serial port driver hung if serial data transmit was attempted.
  • Integer scale + full window: Display panel windowed width and height was used instead of full window size (desktop size) when calculating scaling values.
  • Screen might have flickered when starting Picasso96 RTG screen dragging.
  • Multiple 0x76 partitions per HD/card can be mounted now, previously only first was mounted and the rest become zero size non-existing drives.
  • USB HID input device usage page check fixed, it accepted devices that had nothing to do with being input device.

Gamepad GUI control details

A = select (pad mode)/left mouse click (mouse mode)
B = right mouse click (mouse mode).
Y = change active GUI area (pad mode)/TAB UI element change (mouse mode).
D-pad = select UI elements, “pad mode”.
Left stick = move mouse, “mouse mode”.

Currently requires XInput compatible gamepad.

Onscreen keyboard details

Pad button 4 is default mapped to open/close on screen keyboard input event (if loaded config has button 4 mapped to something else, button is not mapped to OSK)
Pad button/d-pad that normally controls Amiga joystick moves keyboard selection. Joystick movements and button presses are not sent to Amiga side as long as OSK is open.
Fire button press = send selected key’s press
Fire button release = send selected key’s release
Second button press = toggle state of selected key. Keep shift or control or other qualifier key pressed.
Second button release = does nothing.
Keyboard layout is US layout + 2 keys that are used in international layout variants + few bonus “keys”.
If GUI is entered when OSK is open, GUI pad control is automatically enabled.

WinUAE 5.0.0

4.10.x bugs fixed. Fully cycle-accurate unexpanded Amiga 500 emulation.

WinUAE 4.9.x/4.10.x bugs fixed

  • AGA-only sprite buffer overflow that can cause random side-effects.
  • CIA synchronize clock drift fixed.
  • Many GDI mode bugs fixed.
  • Integer scaling works correctly in Overscan+ and higher modes.
  • “Remove interlace artifacts” was unreliable and caused graphics corruption in accurate modes.
  • SCSI CD command READ TOC, format type 0 returned invalid data.
  • Serial port and inter-process serial port was unreliable in accurate modes.
  • VHPOSW/VPOSW mid-screen vertical and horizontal changes are now more accurately emulated. Smooth Copper / Up front demo specific hack is (finally!) not needed anymore and was removed.
  • Multiple chipset emulation (bitplanes, sprites, blitter) bug fixes.

Older bugs fixed

  • A600 non-expanded Quickstart incorrectly had RTC enabled.
  • D3D11 mode scanlines/masks are not affected by scaling anymore.
  • Fixed possible crash in floppy emulation and when exiting GUI.
  • Inserting supported non-Amiga formatted disk image (for example PC DOS formatted disk image) in standard Amiga 3.5″ DD drive was rejected, drive compatibility check didn’t accept standard 3.5″ DD drive. Image was accepted if drive was 3.5″ HD drive.
  • Mounting executable as HD floppy image created broken disk structure if file was larger than 1329664 bytes.
  • Notification icon -> Floppy drives: DF1, DF2 and DF3 selected image from DF0:
  • On the fly switch from AGA to OCS/ECS and then back didn’t always restore original AGA background color.
  • Picasso IV flash ROM emulation support.
  • Prometheus PCI bridge PCI config space byte wide access endian swap fix.
  • ROM rescan in ini mode didn’t clear previously detected ROMs.
  • uaegfx and hardware emulated RTG board and emulation window smaller than RTG resolution: part of right or bottom of display was clipped.

New features/updates: UI

  • Added new KS ROMs to ROM scanner.
  • Added Disable keyboard and Disable game controllers when mouse not captured options to Pri & Extensions panel.
  • Added custom data path configuration to Paths panel. Data path = default path where config files, logs, statefiles etc are loaded and saved.
  • Bring GUI window on top if emulation window gets left mouse button double click or F12 (or configured GUI key) key press and GUI is open. Close GUI if ESC is pressed when GUI is open and emulation window has focus.
  • FloppyBridge write protection status in GUI is now mirroring real drive floppy protection status.
  • Hardware info panel shows complete memory map when emulation has been started.

New features/updates: emulation

  • 1.5M Chip RAM size is now supported in all configurations. (Except if JIT is enabled)
  • Added screen rotation support, to fully support Fast Draw Showdown (American Laser games) game that had 90 degree rotated display. D3D 9 and D3D 11 modes only.
  • ECS Denise superhires sprite accurate color selection emulation (“scrambled” odd/even palette access).
  • Keyboard reset handling changed, now system is kept in reset as long as keys are kept pressed.
  • Programmed native display mode support improved, automatic aspect ratio correction improved.
  • RTG hardware sprite (mouse cursor) is now properly clipped when near edges of screen.
  • “Reset warp mode” implemented. Start emulation in warp mode, automatically switches off when running program or KS ROM shows something on screen.
  • Serial port now have separate options to enable/disable handshake/status pin emulation (RTS/CTS/DTR/DTE/CD) and Ring Indicator.
  • uaegfx RTG P96Prefs support.
  • Striker Manager and Multi-Player Soccer Manager dongle emulation.
  • Statefile complete blitter state save/restore is now fully supported in cycle-accurate modes. Previously blitter was force-finished before saving state.
  • Ultra extreme overscan mode now includes blanking regions, HV sync and Composite sync regions drawn using grid pattern.

Possible Breaking change: default keyboard layout changed

  • Key left of backspace (key that does not exist in PC keyboards) is now mapped to F11 and key between zero and above key is now mapped to key in same physical location as key in Amiga keyboard. Input panel has checkbox that swaps these two keys.
  • Key above shift and left of enter is now mapped to same physical location as key in Amiga keyboard.
  • Strange German-only keymap special #-key mapping removed.

And more!

WinUAE 4.10.1

WinUAE 4.10.0 bugs fixed

  • Chipset emulation updates and bug fixes.
  • Interlace filter mode saved invalid config in certain situations, causing crash when loaded. Also added validation to config loader that detects similar config errors.
  • GDI mode RTG hardware cursor leaved garbage when it was in top/left corner of screen and it was not fully disabled when Amiga was reset.
  • Serial port Ring Indicator signal fixed. If both printer and serial port was enabled, printer status was invalid.

Older bugs fixed

  • Input device’s Input panel custom configuration was lost if config was loaded and saved when custom configured input device was not connected.
  • Game Ports panel custom input configuration was not automatically remapped to original input device if order or number of input devices changed.
  • Game Ports panel “Default” game controller type didn’t fully switch to CD32 pad mode when CD32 hardware was configured.
  • FM801 PCI sound card didn’t work in Voodoo 3 + Mediator configuration.
  • PCI bridgeboard crash when accessing non-existing board’s IO/RAM space.
  • Exclusive fullscreen Direct 3D 11 mode + Fullscreen GUI Misc panel option ticked and entering GUI: GUI window was not positioned correctly.
  • Video recording after loading statefile recorded one empty and one corrupted frame when recording was started.

New features/updates

  • Added continuous screenshot mode to GUI. When ticked, screenshot is taken automatically every frame.
  • Disabled move left/right joystick autoswitching mode. It was too easy to do it accidentally. Only buttons are supported.
  • Clear Harddrives panel list when loading hardware-only config.
  • Taking screenshot when DF0: is enabled but empty and CD drive is enabled but not empty: select CD image name. (Previously CD was ignored)