Wanted Boot ROMs

Wanted accelerator/HD controller boot ROM dumps. Most of them can be dumped in software using only Amiga software (if you don’t have ROM reader). Contact me if you have accelerator or HD controller listed below.

Accelerator boards with boot ROM

  • ACL Distribution 1200XL
  • ACT Apollo 1200
  • CSA Twelve Gauge/Derring 1250
  • DCE Taifun
  • GVP A1230 Turbo+
  • GVP TekMagic 68040 version
  • Hardital Over The Top
  • Hardital Super Big Bang
  • Imtronics Hurricane 2800
  • MacroSystem Falcon 040 (version with SCSI. Possibly was never released?)

HD controllers with boot ROM

  • Alcomp SCSI Interface
  • A.L.F.2
  • C-Ltd A1000 SCSI
  • C-Ltd A2000 SCSI
  • Combitec HD 20 A
  • Expansion Systems DataFlyer 1000/2000
  • GVP A1200 SCSI/RAM+
  • Masoboshi MasterCard MC-702/MC-302 v2.203, v2.204 (or later, if it exists)
  • Memory and Storage Technology Fireball
  • Memory and Storage Technology Flash 2000 Supercharger
  • Memphis Next Generation/Kronos II
  • Phoenix Electronics PHC-2000
  • SKI SKIstor 2000
  • Spirit Technology InMate
  • Spirit Technology Slot Machine
  • SupraDrive 2000 DMA (Not same as SupraDrive 2000 WordSync)
  • SupraDrive ROM versions AMAB1 and AMAB2 (AMAB3-6 already dumped)
  • Vortex Athlet
  • Vortex System 2000
  • Xetec FastCard/FastCard Pro

HD controller install disks

  • Comspec Communications SA-1000
  • Micro Forge A1000

Freezer cartridges

  • Bus Stop
  • Nordic Power v1.0. (v1.5, v2.0, v3.0 and v3.2 dumped)